Our Design Group

This design group represents a unique, interdisciplinary experience that reaches beyond 20 years of
interior and related design work. Carole Bordak, owner of Forever Art, and her sister, Anne Kelly, of
The CEO’s Home, inaugurated this collaborative venture. Anne has been hailed as the best designer
in Northern Virginia, combining beauty and elegance with comfort and practicality. Carole has more
than a twenty-year practice in the design world, including her work as a Nordstrom Buyer, general
contractor, and art agent specializing in International and Russian Art.

They are joined by Phyllis Spaulding, of Pivotal Design NW, who has worked with Carole Bordak over
the past several years in designing interiors that introduced “green” concepts in renovated vintage
Portland properties, and condos in the ever-emerging Pearl District. Her philosophy embraces both
prescriptive as well as intuitive design approaches that often marry the unexpected, and result in an
engaging design gestalt. The Group boasts of Debra Wade, of Creative Interiors, whose expertise as
a designer and artist and whose color-command have created her new book, The Integral Color Plan,
which will be published next year. Debra melds experience and exploration in her book, where
psychology and physics meet home design. As is fitting for this internationally focused collaboration,
Ilya Dmitriev of St. Petersburg, Russia, is a renowned artist and interior designer who has contributed
both art and design concepts to this group’s endeavor.

Our Art

Forever Art carries a variety of art styles from artists all over the world.  We believe art
affects everyone and distinctly evokes emotion from each individual.  Therefore, our
styles vary greatly; including realism, impressionism, and expressionism.  We also offer
abstracts, pointillism, and figurative art.  We have more than 400 paintings available for
purchase.  We primarily carry oil on canvas and oil on linen.  Many of our artists have
undergone years of rigorous training in multiple art disciplines.  And while we seek to
make our art affordable, our art carries an intrinsic value that far outweighs the price.  An
intrinsic value we know will permeate your home or workplace.   

The Pearl

Only a few years ago the pearl district was the home of machinery and warehouses.  
The name “Pearl District”, was coined by a local gallery owner over 20 years ago.  He
used the symbol of a pearl to suggest the beauty and value of artist’s lofts and small
galleries tucked in the shell of ragtag warehouses.  In a few years the area quickly
changed colors from industrial to trendy.  Warehouses traded for cafes, and industrial
smog replaced by high-rise condos and trendy storefronts.  The neighborhood has
become most especially known for its art variety.  With over 25 different galleries in the
area, the pearl district is often the destination of international visitors.    


- First Thursday-
The First Thursday of every month art galleries and wine bars in the Pearl District
extend their hours.  Come in every First Thursday for a special experience with creative
exhibitions and meet-the-artist events.    

-Customer Appreciation-
Special events and discounts for our past customers.

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The Street of
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